Coffee: A Hug in a Mug


This painting is part of a Painter’s Choice at Pam’s Country Charm in Davison.  Who doesn’t love their coffee?   View this event on Art in the Mitten on Facebook and see the other choices.   Register to save yourself a seat!  Refreshments and a door prize are part of the game plan as well!

Winter Welcome


This is a painting I will be offering for groups in January.   More painting ideas in addition to this  will be coming soon!  Do you like to paint?  Consider having a few friends over to paint and socialize.  It is so much fun, and it’s a great way to relax and get away from the usual responsibilities.   Merry Christmas!

Let your soul and spirit fly


It’s funny how things happen and turn out.  This is a smaller size canvas that had an ugly color painted on it, so I painted over it a lilac color (acrylic).  Then I saw a photograph of a sail boat and I just let the paint brush do its thing.  I always listen to music when creating, and the words to an old Van Morrison song just seemed to fit with this sail boat.  Music, art, and text just seem to marry themselves together.  Although the brush was in my hand, I was just along for the ride.

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Another fun paper plate project you can do at home with children or grandchildren.

Here’s the process:

  • Draw a wavy line across the plate about three fourths of the way down.  Cut with scissors, and lay aside the smaller piece.
  • Using a damp piece of sponge and several colors of neon acrylic paint, sponge paint the plate on one side.  Let dry.
  • Cut out the white part of an eye (round, oval, or any shape) out of white paper or white foam sheets.  Cut two smaller circles out of black paper or foam sheets.  Glue these on the plate  and allow to dry.
  • Last step:  Collect any ribbon, ric rac, or other scraps of trim you have.  Cut them up in different lengths and tape them in a row on the back  (white side) of the plate.  (we used skinny duct tape).   There you have it: an easy jellyfish that pleases the younger set.
  • PS  Allow the creators to cut their own plates, do their own sponge painting, and attach their own trim pieces.  The goal is to promote creativity and individuality.
  • This idea originated on Pinterest.