The Artistic Edge


art mattersResearch continuously  supports the importance of the arts in education.  Competition for jobs is fierce, and the current state of the world requires an ability to constantly adapt to change.  This is where the arts come in.

The Artistic Edge, written by Lisa Phillips, explains how to give children a competitive edge by enveloping them early on in the arts, and continuing throughout their education.  According to Lisa, education in the arts should not be reserved for the talented few, but promoted as the means for all children to develop skills in creative thinking, confidence, problem solving, accountability, relationship building, communication, adaptability, and dreaming big.   Lisa says leadership skills taught through the arts are what young people need most to be successful in life.

And Lisa would know.  She is an author, blog journalist, arts and leadership educator, mentor, and business owner.  As CEO of Canada’s Academy of Stage and Studio Arts, Lisa has been very successful at teaching art education and leadership skills  to as many young people as possible in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Artistic Edge has been nominated for a Small Business Book Award in Leadership.

Bravo, Lisa!!


Credit for this article is given to The Artistic Edge.


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