Watercolor and 3-D Fish

This is a project I did with my grandchildren but it turned out so great that I definitely will  do it with my Art classes.  I found the scratch art fish on sale at Hobby Lobby.  You just scratch a design on the fish  with the stylus that comes with it. Beautiful colors appear!  We then decided the fish needed a habitat, so we created a watercolor resist using crayons (oil pastels could be used also), watercolors (blue and green) and watercolor paper.  We used blue painter’s tape and taped the perimeter of the paper (9 x 12) to hold the paper in place while painting, and also to provide a nice clean border.  Create a design (bubbles, seaweed, other fish) with the crayons on the paper.  USE PRESSURE and use bright colors, including white. Art Projects 013 Art Projects 012 Art Projects 011 Art Projects 010 Art Projects 009  Then do a watercolor wash over the design, completely covering the paper.  Mixing blue and green together provides a nice sea color.  Allow to dry (or use a hairdryer to speed things up).  When dry, gently remove the tape.  Next, decide where to place the fish (only two will fit on this size of paper), and use those scrap booking pop up tape squares or circles to glue the fish in place.   (One brand is called Zots)  This makes the fish pop off the page and give a definite 3-D effect.  These turned out so awesome that they are suitable for framing.

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