Got windows?

Recently I was asked to paint some store windows.  While I’m an experienced artist, I’ve never painted on windows.  So I did some you tubing and web searching about it.  I was given washable tempera paint to use, which I discovered is doable.  My research indicated that powdered tempera is better because of its potential thickness, but  my assignment was time sensitive and I couldn’t find any in local stores.  (No time to order it from a catalog)  I first did  an under layer of white with acrylic paint.  (the white paint makes the other colors more vibrant and not so transparent.  Also, the acrylic won’t mix with the tempera once it’s dried). After that dried, I applied color with the  washable tempera.  Black came last with detail work and outlining.   The washable tempera was Crayola; since it was fairly thick it worked ok.  I did have some liquid tempera I had gotten from Walmart, (Sargent) but it didn’t work well at all-not thick enough.  The results weren’t too bad, and I enjoyed the experience.  I’d like to try it again, but find better materials to use.  I’m always looking to improve!  If anyone has  more knowledge of window painting, I would appreciate some sharing!!    TWindowArt 001his window painting is fun!

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