Secondary Colors Collage

First and second graders learned about the secondary colors, then created this cut paper collage with orange, green, and violet.  … More

Patriotic Sculptures

For Veteran’s Day my first and second graders created these patriotic sculptures.  It is just strips of construction paper and … More

Symmetrical Masks

These construction paper masks were created by my third and fourth graders.  We first had a lesson on the meaning … More

Zentangle Pumpkins

Fifth and sixth graders created these Zentangle pumpkins.  First, we did a lesson on zentangling, and students practiced making at … More

Multi Media Jack-o-Lanterns

First and second graders created these great jack-o-lanterns.  First, they mixed red and yellow tempera paint  on a paper plate … More

Autumn Trees

First and second graders created these beautiful trees.  They first drew the trees with a pencil, then went over the … More

Winter Window Art

A coworker wanted to try and design the winter windows, and since I was super busy, I agreed to it.  … More