Symmetrical Masks

These construction paper masks were created by my third and fourth graders.  We first had a lesson on the meaning of symmetry.  Students then created their masks using only construction paper scraps-no drawing of anything was allowed.  Every facial detail had to be glued on.WCA art work  11-10-15 032 WCA art work  11-10-15 033 WCA art work  11-10-15 034 WCA art work  11-10-15 035 WCA art work  11-10-15 036 WCA art work  11-10-15 037 WCA art work  11-10-15 038 WCA art work  11-10-15 039 WCA art work  11-10-15 040 WCA art work  11-10-15 041 WCA art work  11-10-15 042 WCA art work  11-10-15 043 WCA art work  11-10-15 044 WCA art work  11-10-15 045

Zentangle Pumpkins

Fifth and sixth graders created these Zentangle pumpkins.  First, we did a lesson on zentangling, and students practiced making at least ten different Zentangle designs with fine point black sharpies. Second, I gave them another lesson drawing pumpkins with sections, which they practiced also.  They drew their best pumpkin on 9 x 12 watercolor paper, and then painted it with watercolors, mixing yellow and red.  Once dry, they created different zentangle designs in each pumpkin section (including the stem) with the fine point black sharpies.  These were cut out and adhered to black background paper using zots to help them pop off the page.  Leaves were drawn and cut from green patterned paper, and the vines were created with rick rack. Leaves and vines were adhered with Elmers glue.Zentangle Pumpkins Gr 5-6 001 Zentangle Pumpkins Gr 5-6 002 Zentangle Pumpkins Gr 5-6 003 Zentangle Pumpkins Gr 5-6 004

Multi Media Jack-o-Lanterns

First and second graders created these great jack-o-lanterns.  First, they mixed red and yellow tempera paint  on a paper plate to make orange, then painted an entire 12 x 18 white paper with this color.    After drying, they drew pumpkins on the back (white side), cut them out, and glued them to a black 12 x 18 background paper.  (orange side up) WCA Art work-1-2 grades 012 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 011 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 010 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 009  Facial features and leaves with vines  were drawn on colored construction paper scraps, cut out, and glued onto the paper.   Finally, stars were added with white oil pastels.  Veins on the leaves could be black sharpies or oil pastels.

Autumn Trees

First and second graders created these beautiful trees.  They first drew the trees with a pencil, then went over the pencil lines with oil pastels or crayons.  Lastly, they created leaves with watered down tempera paint and sponge  applicators.Art work WCA 2015 005 Art work WCA 2015 004 Art work WCA 2015 003 Art work WCA 2015 002