Multi Media Jack-o-Lanterns


First and second graders created these great jack-o-lanterns.  First, they mixed red and yellow tempera paint  on a paper plate to make orange, then painted an entire 12 x 18 white paper with this color.    After drying, they drew pumpkins on the back (white side), cut them out, and glued them to a black 12 x 18 background paper.  (orange side up) WCA Art work-1-2 grades 012 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 011 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 010 WCA Art work-1-2 grades 009  Facial features and leaves with vines  were drawn on colored construction paper scraps, cut out, and glued onto the paper.   Finally, stars were added with white oil pastels.  Veins on the leaves could be black sharpies or oil pastels.

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