Mixed Media Christmas Trees

First and second graders created these trees.  First, they decorated a 9 x 12 white sulphite paper with line designs in oil pastels.  All colors were allowed.   A green watercolor wash was painted over the entire design.  After these dried, students traced a Christmas tree pattern on the back, and cut it out.  Next,  students drew a wavy line across a 9 x 6 white paper, and cut on the line.  This paper represented snow on the ground, and was glued on to the bottom of a blue 9 x 12  background paper.  The cut out tree was then glued on this, as well as a brown construction paper trunk.  Some students added ornaments to the tree with scrap

s of colored paper.  Lastly, snow was added with white tempera and Q tips.

Mixed Media Indian Corn

Third and fourth graders drew Indian corn with pencil, then outlined this drawing with a fine point  black Sharpie.  Oil pastels were then used to create the colorful kernels, as well as adding some color to the husk.  Lastly, a yellow or brown watercolor wash was painted over

the corn.  If time permitted, students also painted the negative background space with their choice of color.

Mixed Media Christmas Ornaments

First and second graders created these festive pieces.  Step one was students folded a 9 x 12 white sulphite paper into four equal sized rectangles.   Three sections were painted with tempera: one red, one blue, and one violet.  The remaining section was for writing their name.  After drying, students traced a circle onto the back of each painted section, and cut these (bulbs) out.  Next, on 12 x 18 black paper, students used oil pastels to draw at least three pine branches.  The bulbs were placed on the desired area and adhered with glue.  Students again used oil pastels to draw the hook attachments for the bulbs,  as well as hi-lighting each bulb with a small amount of white.

Some drew stars in the negative space.  Lastly, a little glue and glitter added the final touch.