Dream Catchers

I have always liked dream catchers.  When I’m out somewhere and see one, I usually buy it or take a photo of it and try to make one.  Recently, while entertaining some grandchildren, I decided to try and make one with them that would be inexpensive and not too difficult.  I’ll be honest, I got this idea from Pinterest.  It is nothing more than a paper plate with the middle part cut out, and the back side  decorated with markers.  One side of the plate had its own design, so we pretty much left that part alone.  I punched 12 holes on the inside perimeter of the plate as evenly as possible.   We then cut yarn about 3 yards in length and weaved it in and out of the holes.  This can be done randomly or using a pattern, such as every 3 holes.  Whatever works for you.  Tie if off when done.


I also punched three holes on the bottom of the plate for the “tails” and one on the top for a hanger.  There is one hole on each side as well for side “tails”.  (I have no idea what they are really called).  The tails are just yarn strung with beads, and feathers glued inside the beads.   I used hot glue. The shapes in the middle of the dream catcher are those foam shapes glued back to back.  (Get from Joann’s or Walmart) This did take about an hour and a half, but was not messy and they turned out pretty awesome.  You can use any type of things you have around to add to your dream catcher, such as shells, etc.  So there you have it, a non messy dream catcher to make with your students or grandchildren. (PS If you want to go messy you can use acrylic paint to decorate the plate.  And did I mention glitter?}

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