Which one would you choose to paint for Father’s Day?

Acrylic Paintings
Here are three paintings I offered  to choose from for Father’s Day.  Guess which one got the most votes?  The middle one, the sunset.   I like it too!  I will be offering a video showing how to paint this on Friday, June 19.   If you want a link to the video, send me your email and I will send you the link.  It is my free gift to you!

Let your soul and spirit fly



It’s funny how things happen and turn out.  This is a smaller size canvas that had an ugly color painted on it, so I painted over it a lilac color (acrylic).  Then I saw a photograph of a sail boat and I just let the paint brush do its thing.  I always listen to music when creating, and the words to an old Van Morrison song just seemed to fit with this sail boat.  Music, art, and text just seem to marry themselves together.  Although the brush was in my hand, I was just along for the ride.